How students experienced the semester at EOC....

Some voices of students of "Flying Campus" with a semester in Thailand and Indonesia:


It was an amazing experience…


The collected experiences of two different countries will change my way of thinking in the future....


The courses and modules fitted the SE-Asia environment..


At home I really didn‘t like my studies that much, I prefer 
this way of learning approach with smaller groups, 
more close to the actual working issues – I learned 
to love my studies....

Participating in the European Overseas Campus (EOC) and therefore studying in two different countries in South-East Asia was a journey through dynamic fast-moving cities and nearly untapped traditional areas at the same time. During the semester the atrraction of travelling became more and more intense and was easy to fulfill because the combination of especially these two countries and the time schedule which enabled to integrate periods of experiencing cultures. The required self-organisation and independence are skills that are useful for a life time.

Celine R.

After my French-German master degree in international business management, I joined a Trainee Program at ..... in the IT since 2014.

I am the demand manager, which means I do all the project management. 
What was very helpful for me in this job is the fact, that I met so many professors in that short semester in Bali, coming from all over the world!.
In fact, only the very small hints the professors told us, which were not even mentioned in the slides, were those hints I needed a lot.
What I can tell EOC students: "For what i could do after my university degree and for my job in the industry 4.0 the overseas campus was so significant to me!"

Angi K. (commenting as Alumna)

What did I learn on Bali? Patience! Things just work a little different on Bali, or not at all… But there is always a solution somewhere and I really learned to solve problems and become independent. I don’t think any problem in Germany can surprise me anymore J  

Having lecturers from different countries with their different teaching styles was unique and a lot of fun, especially since the lecturers were all super friendly and provided a very familiar atmosphere. The courses required a lot of work and having a week or two off between the courses was great to relax and enjoy all the benefits of being on Bali like surfing, snorkeling and traveling on the island.

All in all the semester on Bali was an incredible experience for me that helped me to grow and see a very different part of the world!

Kolja L. 


To understand a foreign culture is like specifying "meter" in "feet"Only when you know that a "feet" is 30cm you can compare it and only after you know the behavior of a foreign culture you can compare it with their own culture. A semester in Bali is a perfect way to understand the behavior of a foreign culture....and also a way to find out whether eight feet waves are good to surf !!

Tim N.


For one semester it is a great course structure because you have enough time to even fly to another island and explore this. In opposite to that is the seminar week really busy and you have to learn a lot in a short time. But the small group does it make easier to learn because you get to know each other really fast and have a more personal relationship. – I really enjoyed the time here on Bali. It did fly to fast!

“Small is beautiful” – this motto not only stands for the beautiful Bali but also for the study program of EOC. If you like to get personal support, native speakers as lecturers, small learning groups and interactive lessons you should study with EOC.
As a big difference to Germany, climate, culture, language and the different food is a big change. Because of thousands of new impressions and the possibility to organize your free time during the breaks, time runs really quick. During our compact seminar weeks in the campus you need a lot of discipline and energy because after school you have to prepare presentations for the next day or you have to study for an exam. After this compact week you normally have at least one week off. Thanks to a generous dead line for assignments it is possible to use the break to explore Bali or some of other islands and countries which are very easy to access. An unforgettable time is waiting for you!
Lisanne from Essen

People, language, weather, traffic, nature… so many things which are “same, same but different!”. If you do it right you could learn a lot, if not, you’ll still have a great time and experience in Bali! Studying with EOC in Bali is not just holiday, but much more than just university! Thanks to this absolutely great semester!

Sven S. from Hamburg


November 2018:

     Time to say

"Good Bye.....".

After nearly 15 years of challenging, interesting, exciting, motivating experience the time has come to close a successful experiment of high quality semester study programs and going for new ideas and concepts of global learning.

Therefore the dual-country semester program will end now, but not without expressing our great thanks and gratitude to all our students, lecturers from all continents, partner universities and organizations!

This experience would not have been possible without your participation and commitment!

In this sense we wish you all the best for your future wherever you are and whatever you plan to do!

Prof. Dr. U. Rehling in the name of  all EOC team members.

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