- How much money to spend per month? Besides accommodation you need local transport (scooter), daily food and some x-tras for weekend trip, leisure etc.

- Recommendation of the previous group shows that the total monthly budget requires 500-650 EUR. But of course spending possibilities are open end.... 

- International flights, health insurance and tuition fees are not included in monthly cost (for local excursions as part of seminars all transport facilities and accommodation is provided by EOC).

For German Students Only:

The multi-country program is NOT covered by "Auslands-BaFöG".



From Europe to Bali in Indonesia and later to Phuket in Thailand:

Airlines offer direct flights to Bali. But to keep your travel plan flexible and economical it is useful to compare prices as follows:

- Booking a return flight from Europe to an "Asian entry point", i.e. Kuala Lumpur or Singapore or Bangkok,
- From that "Entry point" booking a budget airline (i.e. Air Asia) to Bali,
- From Bali to Phuket a flight via Kuala Lumpur or via Singapore (i.e. Air Asia, cost ~ 60 EUR)
- And at the end of the semester flying back from Phuket to your "Asian Entry Point" and return to Europe....

Application for Visa

Participants will be informed prior traveling about the visa application process.


All participants will get in contact with the study group 2-3 months prior to departure to organize and coordinate accommodation: in Phuket and Bali participants mostly prefer to rent a villa with 3-5 people and sharing the expenses which are in the range of 100-250 EUR per month per head or staying in one of the many guest houses.

EOC will provide addresses and websites of accommodation based on experience of previous groups, and via our facebook-group also advice is given by former participants.


And very useful: having an ISIC !

The International Student Identity Card is the only internationally accepted UNESCO endorsed proof of a bona fide student status. An ISIC card is your passport to benefits and servics the world over!

More information and application under 


January 2018:

Sorry, but no more

study seats for the dual-country semester 2018 in Bali and Phuket available. If suitable for you  please try again next year.

2017: With the "Flying Campus" we have expandedg to a multi-country semester in South-East Asia....more

Academic activities with study modules on International Management ...more

Sharing some reports of more than one decade of our participants who are experiencing the new environment as "once in-a-life-time" experience.

"To spend our last day all together, we decided to do a trip to the waterfall Nungung, which is situated in the North of Bali, close to Plaga" more

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