Meet the Faculty (K-Z)

EOC lecturers have international experience and are selected from renowned institutions in Asia-Pacific, Australia & New Zealand, USA and Europe.

Note: Title, position and institution at time of lectureship at EOC.

van Kranenburg, H.L. (Hans) Prof. Dr.

Nijmegen School of Management of Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands) 

Krechel, Rüdiger Dr.

Senior lecturer working for i.e. at Goethe-Institutes, DAAD German Academic Exchange Service, several universities in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand 

Mockaitis, Audra Dr.

Monash University, Melbourne (Australia)

Panther, Stephan Prof. Dr.

International Institute of Management
Europa-Universität Flensburg (Germany) 

Parle, Yvonne

Expert in Project and Risk Mangement, Perth (Australia) 

Pforr, Christof Associate Prof., PhD

School of Management, Curtin University of Technology, Perth (Australia)

Pradhan-Rehling, Merina Dr.

European Overseas Campus
(Indonesia, Nepal) 

Puspani, Ida Ayu Made  Dr.

Udayana University (Indonesia)

Rehling, Uwe Prof. Dr.

European Overseas Campus, Badung/Bali (Indonesia) 


Reiser, Dirk Prof. Dr.

University of Tasmania, School of Management, Tasmania (Australia)
/ Cologne Business School, Cologne (Germany) 

Schwalbe, Kathryn Anne Ph.D., PMP

Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN (USA) 

Teschner, Wolfgang Prof. Dr.

International Institute of Management
University of Flensburg (Germany);
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Tegucigalpa (Honduras);
University of Applied Sciences, Heide (Germany) 

Villa, Jes Dr.

Investment Banker (ret.), Philosopher;
Lecturing at various universities in Asia, Australia, Europe

Worked for Investment Banks in Asia, USA, Australia.

Wells, Malcolm William  Prof.

University of Tasmania (Australia) 

Wickham, Mark D.  Dr.

University of Tasmania (Australia) 


November 2018:

     Time to say

"Good Bye.....".

After nearly 15 years of challenging, interesting, exciting, motivating experience the time has come to close a successful experiment of high quality semester study programs and going for new ideas and concepts of global learning.

Therefore the dual-country semester program will end now, but not without expressing our great thanks and gratitude to all our students, lecturers from all continents, partner universities and organizations!

This experience would not have been possible without your participation and commitment!

In this sense we wish you all the best for your future wherever you are and whatever you plan to do!

Prof. Dr. U. Rehling in the name of  all EOC team members.

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