EOC at a glance

The European Overseas Campus (EOC) is an Affiliated Institute of Europa-Universität Flensburg (Germany) and was founded as an off-shore campus in 2005. EOC provides semester programs for students and graduates from any country and continent and is located in Indonesia on the island of Bali at Kampus Bukit Jimbaran in neighbourhood with other academic institutions.
After successful implementation more universities and business schools of higher education officially joined EOC since 2010, i.e.
Cologne Business School in Cologne (Germany)
- International School of Management in Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich (Germany)
- Leipzig Graduate School of Management in Leipzig (Germany)
- University of Applied Sciences in Ingolstadt (Germany)
- Deggendorf Institute of Technology (Germany)
University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)

- Prince of Songkla University in Kathu/Phuket (Thailand) 

Why EOC?

Today’s increasingly globalized world poses many challenges when seeking job opportunities and higher level education. Employers expect new competencies, such as ability to work and live harmoniously in different cultures. The EOC program helps to understand the complexities of relations between countries, economies, cultures and people by developing
- professional background,
- international experience,
- intercultural competence.

What makes it so different to study at EOC ?

EOC offers a multi-country "semester program" in South East Asia from September to February (attendance period from September to December) with international professors for students fom "Management" or related subjects.
Compared to other study programs EOC offers the following advantages:

  • EOC program takes place in two different countries with different socio-cultural and economic environment
  • Subjects of study are i.e. International Management, Globalization, Economics of Asia-Pacific, Strategic Management etc.
  • The EOC program is based on accredited study modules in Germany while other overseas programs normally are not related to accreditation under Bologna criteria.
  • Lecturers of EOC are all with high academic qualification and international experience from Asia, Australia & New Zealand, USA, and Europe.
  • EOC seminars are all held in the international business language, means English.
  • EOC follows strict quality standards of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), so since 10 years there are no complaints about marks or credits of not being accepted in Europe.
  • EOC's branding is quality which requires motivation and engagement of students.
  • EOC takes only small groups (20-25 students) per semester for individual coaching and high lecturer to student ratio.
  • EOC program is the only program in South East Asia which is fully organized and permanently supervized by a German professor on site.  


November 2018:

     Time to say

"Good Bye.....".

After nearly 15 years of challenging, interesting, exciting, motivating experience the time has come to close a successful experiment of high quality semester study programs and going for new ideas and concepts of global learning.

Therefore the dual-country semester program will end now, but not without expressing our great thanks and gratitude to all our students, lecturers from all continents, partner universities and organizations!

This experience would not have been possible without your participation and commitment!

In this sense we wish you all the best for your future wherever you are and whatever you plan to do!

Prof. Dr. U. Rehling in the name of  all EOC team members.

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