Who can apply?

Students from any country who are enrolled in their home university in the 3rd or higher semester in the field of International or Tourism Management, Economics or other related fields can apply for studying one semester at EOC.


Application for 2018:

Multi-Country Semester in Bali/Indonesia and Phuket in Thailand.  

Sorry, but in 2018 no more study seats available.


Application for 2019:

Multi-Country Semester in Bali/Indonesia and Phuket in Thailand. 

Applications will be accepted after October 2018. Who comes first serves first....

1. Submitting Your Application

Fill in the application form and and mail it to: 
with reference "New application".

Tuition fee: EURO 3.360,- which includes

all local excursions (transport and also accommodation),

- international flight from Bali to Phuket

- all teaching material in print or copy or e-book version.

Not included:
- flights from/to your home country, daily allowances, accommodation, local transport,

- visa, health insurance.

Microsoft Word-Dokument [19.1 KB]

2. Letter of Acceptance

In case your application is accepted the “Letter of Acceptance” is provided.
Your application can be canceled by email within 2 (two) months after receiving the Letter of Acceptance but latest one day after the application deadline for that semester - whatever occurs first. Missing or delayed cancellation results in paying 20% of the full tuition fee. 

3. Payment of Tuition Fee

After receiving the “Letter of Acceptance”, you will need to pay the tuition fee in EURO to a bank account in Germany.

The total amount is paid in three installments:

1st installment: 2.5% within two weeks after receiving the Letter of Acceptance

2nd installment: 17.5% within two months after receiving the Letter of Acceptance

3rd installment: the remaining 80% latest 3 months before semester beginning.


Study fees / instalments are not refundable except the semester program is canceled by EOC by unforeseen reason.

4. Letter of Admission

After paying the tuition fee you will receive the “Letter of Admission” together with all information for visa application, accommodation and contact details of your fellow students so that you can already form groups for travel, accommodation etc.


January 2018:

Sorry, but no more

study seats for the dual-country semester 2018 in Bali and Phuket available. If suitable for you  please try again next year.

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Sharing some reports of more than one decade of our participants who are experiencing the new environment as "once in-a-life-time" experience.

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