Lecturers' View
by U. Rehling & M. PRehling (EOC)

General Comment:
Learning theories and strategies are one part of student’s academic activities and transferring it to and learning in real life situation are the best experience participants can accomplish. 
Therefore EOC emphasizes on learning beyond boundaries of four walls of classroom: The students were given opportunity to go to the neighbouring Island of Bali “Nusa Lembongan” where they got chance to directly interact and interview locals as well as international tourists for their field research.

This small island is especially interesting for our students: since more than 10 years we visit the place because it is like a “miniature” country to observe a rapid change from traditional fishing and agriculture to tourism industries – with all opportunities, risks and failures for the local people. 
This year was especially remarkable: it was the first time that the traditional seaweed farming -which was the main source of income since decades- did no longer exist and tourism is now the main source of the island’s economy….

Pre-departure Task – The objectives, tasks, expected outcomes and framework of working conditions were given beforehand to the students who were divided into three groups and each group developed its own questionnaires. The traditional "slow" boat is no longer available for regular daily transfers but only every 2nd or 3rd day, so the whole team left for NL in a speed boat which took about 40 minutes to reach the island.

Back to Business – After two hours of island trip for orientation and familiarisation on a local "Bemo", the groups were given their research areas where each group concentrated for their interviews. The groups wasted no time, after short break they made their first contacts with their target groups on the first day.

Interviews – It was not difficult to interview tourists but to interview locals they needed interpreter Dewa. It was compact, intensive and within two full days each groups were able to interview on average 30 locals and 30 tourists.

Final wrap-up – Each group compiled their data and did short presentation on what they could experience, find out the trends and out-comes of some of the results. More detailed tasks, feedbacks and comments were given by EOC supervisors.

Final Comment 1
Like in previous years: 
- The island was again a perfect place for the research, 
- highly motivated students supported by good weather condition
- the field research 2016 was successful in all aspect

- and now waiting for individual reports as assignments from the students……

Final Comment 2
No longer like in previous years for the local people: 

- Traditional fishing and seaweed farming disappeared, boats are rottening on the beach, tourism took over...

Final Comment 3

No longer like in previous years for tourists:

- It was the first time to observe environmental destruction at sea with "floating waste carpets" covering huge areas between Bali and Nusa lembongan, forcing the speed boats to slow down to avoid damaging the boat and engines.....


November 2018:

     Time to say

"Good Bye.....".

After nearly 15 years of challenging, interesting, exciting, motivating experience the time has come to close a successful experiment of high quality semester study programs and going for new ideas and concepts of global learning.

Therefore the dual-country semester program will end now, but not without expressing our great thanks and gratitude to all our students, lecturers from all continents, partner universities and organizations!

This experience would not have been possible without your participation and commitment!

In this sense we wish you all the best for your future wherever you are and whatever you plan to do!

Prof. Dr. U. Rehling in the name of  all EOC team members.

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