By Christina

Our second compact seminar started about the topic “Ethics in Business Practice – Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Tourism Industries“. Our EOC guest lecturer for this week was an internationally experienced professor who worked for many years in New Zealand, Australia and Germany. 

In this seminar we learned about the process of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its important consideration for business to attract the ethically-conscious customer. 
Moreover we talked about the history of CSR, different ethical approaches and their application in business world. The course linked CSR with sustainable development and covered especially the basics of environmental and socio-cultural sustainability in tourism development. 

In this context we visited the hotel “Laguna” in Phuket that does many activities in the area of CSR. We stayed there for round about three hours and got plenty of information about how this hotel introduced CSR in its concept. 

In group work we had to prepare presentations and on on the end we had to write a test, which was a case study. Furthermore as assignment we should give up summaries and critical evaluations of six articles.
To sum up the course provided us a lot of skills to make ethical and managerial decisions in business, regarding to CSR and sustainable development. The course was very interesting and our lecturer performed the session lively, because he used a lot of examples.


January 2018:

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