by Pascal and Julian

So after we had enjoyed our free time as much as possible we were excited about university which started mid of September at the campus of EOC partner, the renowned "Prince of Songkla University" in Kathu/Phuket.

During the first two days we got to know the campus and the professors for international affairs and dealt with general, organizational and introductive things with our prossors of EOC. 

Because of special arrangements of cooperation between EOC and PSU we were really surprised about the kind of service and hospitality with a private break room, delicious snacks and fruits like a little breakfast buffet that varied from day to day and even PSU’s own water brand...

Then our first seminar, “Intercultural Communication Part 1” started (Part 2 will continue in Bali). The lecturer was a very nice and competent Thai professor who was passionate about teaching us the Thai culture and showing us fundamental differences to western culture and habits. During these three days we learned the basics of culture theories (everbody might know about HOFSTEDE) and had meetings and conversations with Asian as well as other German PSU students and lecturers from Thailand and the UK. These conversations where not only experiencing in practice what we learned as theory but in particular also interesting and enriching and besides that we’ve been surprised in which way it was managed and organized. After we’ve gathered lots of information, the additional conversations were often accompanied by short presentations from each group. 

We’d really say that in these three days we’ve learned to much better understand Asian and especially the Thai culture that we’ve often been confused with before. We also discussed differences in business behaviour, gestures and conversation that can all be quite significant for making successful business with Asian partners. For example that Germans have a very direct way of communicating while Thais try to avoid conflicts and to say "no" or reject someone. It might help us to never forget about it and maybe we’ll happily remember what we’ve learned so far in future business meetings....


January 2018:

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study seats for the dual-country semester 2018 in Bali and Phuket available. If suitable for you  please try again next year.

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Sharing some reports of more than one decade of our participants who are experiencing the new environment as "once in-a-life-time" experience.

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