EOC provides semester programs on International Management and International Tourism Management based on modules of accredited study programs in Germany with lecturers from Asia, Australia/New Zealand, USA, and Europe. The semester is organized as multi-country program in South-East Asia.

Credits: Up to 30 credits following ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Credits of EOC had been recognized by all European Universities since the beginning in 2005.


The program in 2018 is planned for Bali (Sep/Oct) and will continue in Phuket (Nov/Dec).


The following modules will be covered by the semester program (draft, details will be provided in 2018):


Location: Bali/Indonesia

Introduction 1: Assignments, research, presentations   

Introduction 2: History and culture of Indonesia and Bali (with excursions)

Module 1.) Ethics in Business

Module 2.) Cross-cultural Management

Module 3.) Organizational Behaviour

Module 4.) Economic Transformationt - From Traditional Agriculture to International Tourism Industries (with field research)


Transfer to Phuket/Thailand

Introduction 3: History and culture of Thailand

Module 5.) Strategic Management

Module 6.) International Marketing


Recent impressions....

1. Module "Socio-Cutural Commonalities in South and South-East Asia" - Part 1 in Phuket, Part 2 in Bali

The module provides important basics of religion, role of gender, family structures, and social hierarchies in private and professional environment in South and South-East Asia. Comparing and analysing various aspects of social structures and individual behaviours ....
Detailed description of the study module:
1_ Socio-Cultural Commonalities in South[...]
PDF-Dokument [182.2 KB]

2. Module "Ethics in Business Practice"

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an important consideration for businesses to attract the ethically-conscious customer. The seminar starts with a general overview over the CSR process. This includes a history of CSR, different ethical approaches (e.g. utilitarian, rights, justice, Kantian) and their application in the business world....
Detailed description of the study module:
2_Ethics in Business Practice.pdf
PDF-Dokument [113.6 KB]

3. Module "Economic Transformation and Development"

Why the world is how it is today? Why parts of the globe are more or less developed? And what are the upcoming challenges? To understand those questions it is required to take a look from different angles, i.e. from anthropological history of mankind to latest Millennium Goals of Development of United Nations. More questions in this context arise: Who participates in the benefit of economic development? And how...
Detailed description of the study module:
3_Economic Transformation and Developmen[...]
PDF-Dokument [128.4 KB]

4. Module "Research Project: Customers' Satisfaction"

Consumers have certain expectations when achieving a product – there is no difference between a manufactured item or a service like booking a holiday in Bali: Tourist destinations have a “branding” and visitors expect to find what they find on the internet or in glossy flyers. In a selected tourist spot on a smale island students will prepare and carry out a grass root research....
Detailed description of the study module:
4_Research Project Consumers' Satisfacti[...]
PDF-Dokument [150.9 KB]

5. Module "Strategic Management"

Strategic management is an intellectually stimulating and highly useful subject. In fact, without a good understanding of the area it is impossible to think with any precision about the activities of organisations. It involves analysis of the factors which affect the success or otherwise of all organisations. This includes examination of factors...
5_Strategic Management.pdf
PDF-Dokument [146.2 KB]

6. Module "International Marketing"

In it simplest form, international marketing involves taking the marketing mix (the product, price, promotion and placement) across international borders. This can be achieved through a range of foreign market entry methods (for example licensing or exporting). In its more complex form.....
6_International Marketing.pdf
PDF-Dokument [153.4 KB]


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Sharing some reports of more than one decade of our participants who are experiencing the new environment as "once in-a-life-time" experience.

"To spend our last day all together, we decided to do a trip to the waterfall Nungung, which is situated in the North of Bali, close to Plaga" more

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