Here participants share some personal travel experience and other activities over the last 10 years outside the campus and its study routines. 

It gives some ideas of extra-curricular potential during your study with the "Flying Campus" of European Overseas Campus in South-East Asia.

Nungun Waterfall, Bali

by Celine

A few days after the official part of the EOC program ended, only a few of us were left on the island. To spend our last day all together, we decided to do a trip to the waterfall Nungung, which is situated in the North of Bali, close to Plaga ...more

Flores and Komodo

by Christina

The next day we were picked up at 5:30 am at the hotel. Half an hour later our little boat started towards Komodo Island which we reached after more than 4 hours. Entering the National Park is only permitted with a guide. You have to pay an entrance fee of  ...more


Arrival in Asia
by Julian and Pascal


When we stepped outside Bangkok Airport a wave of hot, heavy air hit us and at first it was hard to breathe. That was the start of a three night stay in Bangkok. Later we heard about the so called honeymoon phase whci comes before the cultural shock ....more

Bali, Lombok and Gilies

by Alina and Jule

The following week was for preparation and assignments, for that we do not need to stay in the campus but could work anywhere in Indonesia.

So we took the chance to explore other places and some of our group planned a trip to the Gili islands and Lombok: It took us two hours to reach Gili Travangan by speed boat where we stayed for some days ...more


From Phuket to Bali (1)

by Levke and Luca

So here is our exprience with first steps in Indonesia: Jakarta was not so interesting, even though it is a huge city there is not that much to do. So we only stayed there one day, spent in the heart of the city and took a sight seeing tour ...more

From Phuket to Bali (2)

by Levke and Luca

It took us about 2 hours walking up to the crater and then down to the Sulfur and the workers. It was completely dark and many people walking around with torches. The way down to the Sulfur area was quite scary. There was no proper way and it was very steep. We put our gas mask on because of the toxic dust ....more

Vegetarian Festival in Phuket

by Levke and Luca

The name of the festival might be misleading because it is more a bloody spectaculum. On this special morning most of us got up veeeery early to see the vegetarian festival in Phuket town where we saw a very unique (and for us strange) things happen we had never seen before. ....more

Nationalpark Khao Sok

by Merle

The National park Khao Sok provides access to the largest area of virgin forest in the southern part of Thailand. Actually, the rainforest in Khao Sok is even older and more diverse than the Amazon rain forest. The breathtaking scenery combines huge limestone mountains, several lakes with the opportunity to do activities such as canoeing, lots of animals and different caves ....more 


Koh Phi-Phi

by Christina
On our first days all international students got information about an organized week-end trip to the Phi Phi Islands. The Phi Phi Islands are famous for their wonderful beaches, the crystal clear water and it came popular when the Ko Phi Phi Leh was used as a location for the film “The Beach“ with Leonardo DiCabrio ...more

Outside Patong / Phuket
by Julian and Pascal


When we arrived at Surin Beach after approximately 1 ½ hours of driving and enjoying some views we had been very happy. The sand was very soft and even in the water there wasn’t any stone or shell, just pure sand. The water was clear and clean ...more

Exploring Phuket

by Julian and Pascal

We got to know Phuket town, some grocery stores and the big Buddha, visited Kathu Waterfall and enjoyed time out in the sun, yet we had to learn to cope with tropical rainfalls, that could totally flood the streets and cause power breaks ....more

Boat Trip to Flores and Dragons
by Ines, Leefke, Svenja and Lena


.....On the next day the tour started and we came Flores closer and closer. We had a bus transport to Labuan Lombok in the east of the island where we finally jumped on the boat. Our first impression was kind of like:

” one week on that small wooden boat?! Let’s see if we will arrive on Flores safely!” ....more

Exploring Java
by Ines B.​

During a two weeks break I decided to travel around Java. The journey started in Jakarta because I thought I definitely have to see the capital of Indonesia and one of the world’s greatest megalopolises ....more

Travel to Sulawesi

by Lisanne L.


During my two weeks study break I travelled with my roommate to the north of Sulawesi to visit some friends of her parents. Because the raining season already started there, I decided to continue my travel to the Togian Islands....more

Road Trip around Bali

by Sanja B.


Bali - Islands of Gods. That is what they say in every travel guide! Me and my friend Janina wanted to experience this ourselves and making a small road trip all across Bali. We started our journey in Kerobokan, and decided to travel first to the very north of Bali....more

Night-Climbing on Mt Agung 

by Patrick K.


"To experience something new and to overcome your personal border” – this was mainly my motivation for going abroad to Bali. During our hiking trip to the top of Bali, the peak of Mt Agung, we definitely did.... more

Bali Orchid Garden

by Janina E.

Imagine four young ladies having one week without lectures, wishing to experience Bali from a different side than only seeing the normal objects of interests. This is how we started reading travel guides and internet reports and so we got to know about “the ten things you have to have seen in Indonesia”  more

Exploring Bali by Motorbike
by Alexander M.
We have made three different tours in and around Bali, all by motorbike. You cannot really do the whole trip in one go, better make separate tour arrangements which makes it more relaxed and not so stress- and painful ….more

Real Indonesia:  Sulawesi
By Michaela K.
You want to experience „real“ Indonesia? Test your Bahasa skills? You are really into the death & graveyard culture? Or simply want to have some “familiar German nature” around you and a night in cooler temperatures? ....more


Five Days Volcano Climbing in Lombok

by Florian

Early in the morning at 8 pm we started our tour to Lombok. We started in Jimbaran with our motor bikes and were heading to Padang Bay where the ferries to Lombok and other neighboring islands leave. After 1.5 hours and countless potholes ....more


November 2018:

     Time to say

"Good Bye.....".

After nearly 15 years of challenging, interesting, exciting, motivating experience the time has come to close a successful experiment of high quality semester study programs and going for new ideas and concepts of global learning.

Therefore the dual-country semester program will end now, but not without expressing our great thanks and gratitude to all our students, lecturers from all continents, partner universities and organizations!

This experience would not have been possible without your participation and commitment!

In this sense we wish you all the best for your future wherever you are and whatever you plan to do!

Prof. Dr. U. Rehling in the name of  all EOC team members.

Academic activities with study modules on International Management ...more

Sharing some reports of more than one decade of our participants who are experiencing the new environment as "once in-a-life-time" experience.

"To spend our last day all together, we decided to do a trip to the waterfall Nungung, which is situated in the North of Bali, close to Plaga"  ...read more

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